Should Albertans get priority in AB Universities

The dumpster that was the last UCP leadership forum.

What is the "middle class" 

LPC can't help but step on rakes. Are they competing with the UCP? 

Stephen is back from Italy, Justin is finally married, Andrew lives with his mom and we cant wait for Poilievre to give us "inflation proof paycheques"!

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean from PoliticalRND fills in Justin yet again!!


The DQ of Patrick Brown and the CPC leadership race

The UCP leadership race, should you buy a UCP membership so you can vote for the next AB premier?

Passport stories 

Back from our hiatus the shake off their rust with a new episode to kick off the summer!

Topics covered:

Federal Liberal Government tailspin 

raising cost and corporate greed

CPC leadership race

UCP leadership race

Nate Pike from the Breakdown podcast joins us to talk about the issues! 

Robbie Kreger-Smith joins us for serious in-depth discussion on recent events.....and it was great time! 

We  talked about everything! Ottawa occupation, Emergencies Act, Skippy, Jason Kenney, how to vote in a leadership race, Trudeau needing to step down.

On our first ep of 2022 we talk about the extreme "peaceful" convoy protest in Ottawa and the CPC kicking out O'toole.

Producer/Host at Women of ABpoli Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean joins Stephen & Andrew for the last episode of the year!


Everyone consistently forgets what year is it and makes "bold" predictions for 2022* and basically bullshit for 1.5 hours...which is what this podcast in about anyways! 

Topics covered:

Dreidre getting kicked out of the UCP convention 

Jason Kenney/UCP political future 

most impressive or impressively unimpressive politicians of 2021* 

Political future of the federal leaders 

Will the CPC fracture sooner than later? 

Are we in the market for n EV yet?


Topics covered:


Alberta signs childcare deal with the Federal gov

22 UCP constituencies vote for a Leadership review 

CPC upset about a hybrid parliament  

Why does MRG keep running for office when her heart is in Oklahoma?

Where is Daniele Smith on the political spectrum (Andrew wants to know apparently)




November 27, 2021

Episode 78 ”Shields Up!”

If you didn't figure it out from the episode title we are talking about the dumpster fire that is the Alberta government. 

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