Justin Trudeau would lose if an election were held tomorrow, India trip a symptom of shift in mood: Ipsos poll

Pharmacare Half-assed, obvious collusion with finance minister Morneau

Trump to add Steel and Aluminum Tarriffs

Why is Scheer in the UK?


Bet Update

Bo Horvat at 35 Points

Nugent Hopkins at 31 Points


Well we finally got back infront of the mics to give you guys a brand new episode!


Trudeau Bombs in India

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wants to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if he gets elected as prime minister next year

BC Tax to Punish Canadians with Vacation homes in province

And more...



We got some new equipment and new editing software! It's almost like we're professionals or something lol.


We are back after disapearing for 3 weeks (sorry)! 


We are so happy and grateful to have MLA Heather Sweet join us on the show!  We covered a large range of topics and it was a great learning exerience!


Justin steps up to the plate yet again while Andrew is in "Vegas Baby!!" 


Stephen and Andrew are back for Season 2 of your favorite political podcast!


Ontario Tim Hortons cutting employee benifits 

Trudeau meeting with the Boyle family 

Jason Kenny's carbon tax "alterative facts"

Loblaws admits to price fixing bread for 14 years

December 20, 2017

Christmas Send Off

See you all in 2018!  It's been a slice!

December 17, 2017

Star Wars SpoilerCast

Where the guys talked about The Last Jedi spoilers 


Justin Draper tags in to cover Andrew this week and the guys talk about the Federal By-Elections and some other super exciting drama in politics!  Oh yea and they talk about a little movie call The Last Jedi.


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