October 23, 2018

Episode 36 “Up in Smoke”

Well weed day has come and gone and the world did not come to and end! yay!

We also talked about...

-Canada's first internment operations 

-Andrew Scheer says He would have signed a better NAFA

-Andrew Scheer non-commital on weed legislation

-New poll shows CPC one point behind Liberals

-Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government will table a bill that strips returning terrorists of their driver’s licenses and benefits

-Canada buys 15 L-26 Frigates from Lockheed

-Former CSIS director, defence minister urge feds to bar Huawei from 5G

Well guys it has come full circle.  We started this little podcast talking about Canada, Mexico and the US entering into the new NAFTA talks, now here we are talking about its conclution! 

September 2, 2018

Episode 34 “TMX NAFTA”

An emergency Podcast to rant about TMX and NAFTA.  Its a drama show with no notes and some gin & tonics. 

We are back with nearly an hour of polititical goodness!  We cover pretty much all the interesting dramatic interesting topics,  let us know if we missed anything. 

Andrew scheer keeps talking about a “positive conservative vision”

Derek Fildebrandt is back, this time with his own party

Is it time for the Feds to give up on the carbon tax?

Harper in private meeting says Justin Trudeau is resisting making a NAFTA deal to score political points 

Newly elected UCP MLA sparks criticism

Movies with Andrew : Antman and the Wasp

Stephen and Andrew clash over Stephen Harper's secret trip to the WhiteHouse. 

From Pipeline to Tarrifs it a Drama Show!

NDP culling salaries and bonuses of top Education superintendents

Feds buy-out Pipeline

Steel and Aluminum Tarrifs

Ontario Election

Post interview conversation

News Articles vs Opinion Articles

Doug Ford campaign confirms actors were hired to play the part of PC supporters at Monday’s debate rally

Trudeau calls Quebec byelection 3 days after pledging $60M for project in riding

The Liberal government has signed a $500-million deal with IBM Canada Ltd


In the third episode of our Interview Series Stephen and Justin sit down with Ziad Aboultaif Conservative Member of Parliament for Edmonton Manning and Shadow Minister for International Development

On episode 28 we talked about...

Noise for noise: Neighbours battle over children at play

Summer jobs program back in the headlines

The Supreme Court of Canada has handed down its judgement on the so-called “Free the Beer” case.

Second Cup or Second Puff?

Bill 12, titled Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act

And a little movie called "Avengers Infinity War"

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