We are all officially vaccinated and are doing our first in person podcast in over a year on Andrew's deck while tasting fine whiskey!

Justin & Andrew couldn't make this one so I brought out the Big Guns!  Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean & Roddie Kruger Smith reunite on the Pod for an Alberta heavy episode.



Justice Minister Kaycee Madu steps on rake 

The Ununited Conservative Part

The effect of covid 19 on businesses and out personal lives

speculating of on what the future holds for AB politics 

Max Fawcett joins us to talk everything Canadian politics! 


Topics Covered:

CPC climate change plan and collecting "O'tool bucks"

Federal budget & economic recovery 

LPC's universal childcare plan 

What the AB NDP needs to do to be successful in the next election

Alberta is winning the covid 19 count race! #AlbertaAdvantage 

Why do Albertans vote the way they do?

Federal election before or after Labour Day?  

This is one of those fun episodes where friends get together, have a few drinks and bullshit about Canadian politics.   


Ground covered:

predictions on the next Federal election will be

Justin finds common ground with Jason Kenney(!)

Supreme Court rules Trudeau's Carbon Tax is constitutional 

and deep dive into Alberta's dumpster fire of new K-6 curriculum 



Today we are adding a new entry onto our list of awesome conversations!

Jennifer Sanford, the host and creator of the Conservative Like Me podcast joins so to promote the launch her season 2...Which is out today!  Now I got to tell you people that she is one smart lady and has a real vision of what the CPC should look like in 2021.

Follow Jennifer on Twitter @thejennsanford and bloody listen to her podcast ok!  


So this is our conversation about "centrists" which I cut out of Ep 66 because it would have made the ep way to long and I thought that the conversation was so good that it could almost stand by itself as it's own episode.  Hope this 30ish minutes creates more discussion & debate!  



The Alberta Gov doubles down on their battle with a children's on Netflix

UCP leadership review

CPC accidentally tweets about how the LPC cares about Canadian's jobs more then their own (lol)

CPC HQ struggling in the poll

Covid vaccine roll out  

Is a elected official responsible to their constituents but loyal to their party? 

More people are a following politics lately

The Steve Allen aka "the conspiracy theory laden garbage report" inquiry asks for a 3rd extension 

Does the UCP have time to rebuild their reputation before the next AB election?

wishing you could take back sound bits and social media.  

This is our conversation that carried on after we got off the zoom call with Rick Peterson.


Mr Peterson thinks our conversation about taxes in Canada was a snooze fest but we think the four of us made it interesting and brought up some really good points.  Sorry Mr Peterson but we disagree! 

Other topics covered:

  • Francophone element – Campus Saint-Jean in the riding
  • My thoughts on leveraging what the riding has to attract jobs and capital here
  • The energy transition, and why this can be a tremendous advantage for Alberta and all of Canada
  • Why your generation could see the greatest wealth creation and economic growth in a generation in the next 10 years.

What a fantastic conversation. Very informative and we had to smile a few times as Rick held Justin's toes to the fire on some of his questions!

Our conversation continues with episode 64.5


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